Nashville Anti-Human Trafficking Coalition

How to Get Involved with NAHT


Level I - Volunteer Training. You'll get access to an educational training on human trafficking and our organization. Gain valuable tools and interpersonal skills to help survivors of our community thrive. Sign-up today!


Level II - Serve at an Event. Once you've completed training, you're ready to be a part of serving the community. This includes writing letters at our Letters of Hope events, attending Men Against Human Trafficking events, or assisting in other event setups.


Level III - Building Relationships with Survivors. Once you're familiar with the NAHT staff and events, you're ready to get even more involved. After you make a commitment to participate in a Restore class, you'll get the opportunity to provide re-entry care to survivors and have more of a hands on experience at events.


Level IV - The Highest Honor. Once you've consistently shown up in a positive way for the community of survivors, you'll be able to serve in the Rescue process. This includes providing spiritual, emotional, or physical support during an intervention.

Our Beliefs

Our Statement of Identity

We are broken people loving & serving broken people.

Our Vision

To see God raise up an army of humble servants who understand that all people are made in the image of God and therefore have inherent value, worth, and dignity. These servants would know that the sexual exploitation and the buying and selling of human beings is on all levels an abomination to The Holy God who created them. By their thoughts, words, and deeds, they would be committed to bringing the redemptive story of God as found in His Word to any and all who would be impacted by the Human Trafficking industry.

Our Mission

To rescue and restore women and children from the bondage of human trafficking and addiction.

Our Strategy – Rescue | Redeem | Restore

Rescue through survivor-informed interventions. Redeem and restore through survivor-informed curriculum and relational wraparound support.

Our Values – Humble | Simple | Hopeful

Humbly Kingdom-minded, Simply Christ-focused, with Holy Spirit-empowered Hope!

Our Statement of Belief

All roads of justice and healing lead to Jesus.

Our Motto

This is a marathon not a sprint. We pace ourselves by waiting on The Commander of the army! (Joshua 5:13-15)

The "Inspire Hope" Movement

Helping victims of human trafficking become survivors and ultimately, thrivers.

Rescued women bring tremendous value to the local workforce and economy

Women rescued from human trafficking have gained valuable life skills on the streets. NAHT provides victims with job resources and training that help translate these into occupational skills that help them gain financial independence and contribute to the success of businesses in our community.

Meet the NAHT Team

Mary Trapnell

Founder, Executive Director

Addy Blazevich

Executive Coordination

Christina Meadows

Director of Operations

Lori Medley

Recovery & Intervention Specialist

Mary Barret Farnsworth

Director of Development

Kalan More

Operations Administrator & Internal Events

Bob More

Men's Ministry Coordinator

Candy Carter

Human Trafficking Subject Matter Expert/Consultant

Autumn Crew

Rescue Runner

Shayna Duffie

Rescue Runner

Meet the NAHT Board of Advisors

Jodi Ervin

Board Chair

Anne Lucas


R.A. Dickey

Development Co-Chairman

Mary Morgan Ketchel

Development Co-Chairman

James Oliff

Treasurer Finance Committee

John Thompson

Vice Board Chair

Michael Ciklin

Finance Committee

Allison Jennings

Legal Committee

Janice Goodwin

Finance Committee

Jeb Beasley

Laurie Atkins