You can save lives and inspire hope in human trafficking victims

Nashville Anti-Human Trafficking is a Christ centered team of intervention specialists who rescue and restore women and children from the bondage of human trafficking.

A woman has not been freed from human trafficking until she has been freed from addiction.

NAHT is here to make sure women are set free from both.

Human trafficking and addiction go hand in hand. Consistent access to drugs and other addictive substances is one of the crucial ways traffickers keep women trapped in the vicious, life-stealing human trafficking cycle. Overcoming this addiction is absolutely necessary for these women to break free. This is the vital part of the rescue process that is often overlooked.

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The problem is, many women aren’t aware they’re being trafficked due to their trauma bond with their trafficker. Many intervention attempts are unsuccessful because victims rarely trust anyone from the "outside." Their relationships, access to addictive substances, and finances are all dependent on staying in the cycle. It’s not an easy rescue mission.

A successful intervention is the birthplace for getting free from their addiction and living into their full freedom. This requires people who truly understand their world and are committed to showing up in their territory in a consistent way. That's where Nashville Anti-Human Trafficking (NAHT) comes in.

This cycle happens in every zip code and neighborhood in Nashville – yes, even yours.

Your donation will make a difference for vulnerable women across our city.

You can help save a victim's life.

NAHT is a Christ-centered team of highly specialized addiction intervention specialists that rescued women trust. We consistently show up in their territory to create ongoing relationships that lead to successful interventions.

We have women on our staff who have personally lived this vicious cycle. We understand their world. We know what this takes. Our team is able to look these women in their eyes, speak the language of their world, and provide resources we know from personal experience have the power to help.

These relationships and interventions are crucial for victims to be connected to proper rehabilitation clinics and begin the journey to living in the freedom they deserve.

Your support helps NAHT stage more interventions, break more trauma bonds with traffickers, and help victims stay clean with re-entry care after returning from rehabilitation facilities.

You can make a difference in a victim's life by donating today.

We proudly partner with Tennessee law enforcement

NAHT partners with local law enforcement to eradicate human trafficking. Government officials have acknowledged our effectiveness and continue to provide us with ongoing support.

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Events and updates from NAHT

Pop-Up Sale! Incredible deals on designer clothing to benefit victims of human trafficking.

Join us April 30th from 9am to 2pm at Hillcrest Community Church, 1601 Martin St., Nashville, TN 37203.

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The Big Payback is May 6th!

The Big Payback. It's Middle Tennessee's online giving day. Together, since 2014, we have cumulatively raised nearly $21 million with a total of 147,642 donations for area schools, religious institutions and charities working hard to make a difference.

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Your support transforms lives.

Christina's Story

"I have personally been a victim of human trafficking in Nashville. When I was trapped in this cycle, I wasn't even aware of it."

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"NAHT is the reason I ever even realized I was being trafficked. They met me right where I was, offered me practical resources to help me break free, and most importantly brought me the redemptive story of Jesus Christ. Through their consistent support I was able to break the trauma bond with my trafficker, gain freedom from bondage, and am now empowered to live my full life.

I don't like to think what could have happened if NAHT didn't show up in my life when they did. They came along side me to help me survive, and gave me the practical and spiritual resources I needed to thrive. Then, they strengthened me into a warrior where I now work on staff to join the fight against human trafficking."

Lori's Story

​"A place to be beautifully broken, loved, seen. And given a voice to express pain, loss, and anger towards a preconceived idea of God."

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"Being taught about the Real Jesus, a Good Shepherd who never turns his back on the abused or the outcast of society.

They showed me a Gospel-filled way out of trafficking into the arms of a Savior.

Graciously, I was loved well, guided, and supported with no judgment or outstanding expectation to fit into a religious mold.

This is NAHT."

What we need to save lives and inspire hope

Your donation will immediately impact the lives of human trafficking victims by...

Funding our Safehouse and Ministry Centers

Funding a rising number of Victim Interventions

Funding emotional, spiritual, and financial Restorative Services

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